Puerto de Sóller

Puerto de Sóller has a fascinating history linked to the sea and the citric fruits trade since the 14th century. This magical place, where our Eden Hotels are located, offer and unlimited list of activities for those who want to enjoy nature. A the same time, in the surroundings of our hotels you may find interesting places like the Museo del Mar, Lighthouse of Sa Punta Grossa, Torre Picada or the famous hiking routes of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

What to see in Puerto de Sóller

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Puerto de Sóller Lighthouses

Located on each side of the entrance to the bay of Puerto de Sóller, the Faro Viejo, the Faro de Sa Punta de sa Creu and the Faro del Cap Gros have been lighting the way for sailors since the 19th century. The Faro Viejo dates back to 1864, but was replaced by the Faro de Sa Punta de sa Creu, located a few meters higher, due to the deteriorating conditions of the original site. There is no access because it is inside a military site and can only be seen from a distance.

On the other hand, the Faro de Cap Gros is located 120 meters above sea level on the Morro des Xoriguer. It is easily accessible from Puerto de Sóller through a scenic road and is the ideal place to enjoy the views and learn how the lighthouse keepers used to live in the past. In addition, it is located next to the Muleta shelter, one of the shelters of the Ruta de Pedra en Sec and a place of passage for many hikers.

Museum of the Sea and
Santa Catalina Oratory

This picturesque museum is located next to the oratory of Santa Catalina de Alejandría, and aims to make a journey through the maritime history of Sóller through an exhibition of objects and elements linked to the world of the sea. A short film on the history of the port is also projected there.

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sa torre picada puerto de soller eden hotels

Sa Torre Picada

The watchtowers played a very important role in the defense of the coast of Mallorca, and between the 16th and 18th centuries more than 50 towers and watchtowers were built to warn of the arrival of pirates and other dangers. Torre Picada was built between 1614 and 1622 to defend Sóller and Puerto de Sóller from these attacks and can be reached by a simple and pleasant hike.

What to do in Puerto de Sóller

Ride the Sóller streetcar

After the completion of the Sóller train project, the streetcar was built, linking the town with the port. Initially conceived to transport people, it was also used to transport fishermen's catches, as well as coal and other goods. Today, the Sóller streetcar is one of the town's main attractions.

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trip to sa calobra eden hotels

Boat trip
to Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra is one of the most impressive natural monuments in Mallorca. You can reach it by boat from Puerto de Sóller, passing first by Cala Tuent and finally arriving at the impressive vertical walls that mark the mouth of the Torrente de Pareis.

A refreshing dip at
Platja d’en Repic

Platja d'en Repic offers white sand and crystal clear waters, located next to the promenade. It is the perfect place to enjoy all kinds of water activities, such as snorkeling or paddle surfing in an incomparable environment. It is easy to access and parking is available nearby.

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