Health measures

Eden Hotels in Puerto de Sóller are working on all the necessary details so that your stay is safe despite the current emergency situation caused by the Covid-19. For this reason, we are taking various measures so that all our clients and hotel staff have the necessary means and protocols to guarantee their health, always following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Government of Spain and the European Commission.

Health measures mallorca eden hotels

1. We launch different information points: they will indicate customers how they should act in our facilities.

2. Training for employees and protocols for products unloading and other external suppliers.

3. Cleaning, disinfection and protection of common areas (elevators, dining rooms, toilets ...), staff work areas and utensils are intensified.

4. Disinfectant gel dispensers will be installed in common areas to be used by staff and guests. Daily and complete cleaning and disinfection protocol for the rooms. Constant ventilation reinforcement with natural air.

5. Control of the security distance in all common areas, swimming pool, reception and conference rooms. There should be a distance of 1.5 meters between every family unit.

6. Regarding the dining room, bar and rooftop, the following measures will be taken:
- Food and drinks menus provided with QR code on non-touch screens.
- Individual portions will be offered as much as possible.
- Cleaning and disinfection of all utensils, dishes, cutlery, glassware, tables ...
- New hours for capacity.
- Buffet adapted to security and distancing measures to avoid manipulation of food and surfaces by customers.

7. Further security measures will be taken, such as facilitating card payment, we will provide disposable gloves, disinfecting wipes and hydro-alcoholic gel.

With all these and with your invaluable help we want to regain normality as soon as possible.

Health measures covid mallorca eden hotels

Terms of service
and prevention measures
established for the client

  • The client, if the slightest doubt of suffering symptoms compatible with the COVID-19 disease appear, must communicate this situation to the establishment so that the specific protocol is applied.
  • The area of room cleaning and technical services will provide service in the rooms if the clients are not leaving the room, except for exceptional circumstances.
  • Clients are recommended to ventilate the room when leaving it and before cleaning.
  • The client must accomplish the rules and guidelines established within the hotel, through the information posters, signs, protective equipment and distribution of existing spaces at the entrance of the hotel and throughout all its dependencies.
  • The client must know that the hotel staff will be responsible for remembering and enforcing compliance with these rules.
  • The hotel will consider, and thus we inform our guests, that the people who share a room are always part of the same family unit.