Corporate Social

In Eden Hotels we have a clear conscience about the respect and care of our environment. Therefore, we apply all the measures to cooperate actively with our environment protecting and promoting a sustainable tourism in Puerto de Sóller. On the other hand, we are looking to promote human, social and economical development in Soller by hiring resident employees and buying local products.

Corporate Social Responsibility eden hotels

Eden Hotels' CSR policies are governed by the following principles:

- Good corporate governance, understood as the incorporation of ethical behavior in all facets of the company's management and administration.
- Continuous innovation, understood as the desire to improve our products and services in a sustainable, cost-effective and eco-friendly way, respecting people and the environment.

- Optimal work environment that fosters professional development, equal opportunities and functional diversity in the workplace.
- Focus on quality and excellence in service as a way of thanking our customers for the trust they place in us.
- Concern for the economic, human and social development of the communities in which the company operates.
- Commitment to environmental preservation and respect for native fauna and flora in all the areas in which we operate, based on the conviction that a sustainable economy is the way forward.